Sophia showdown: Tamilisai stands firm, court grants bail to woman student

Sophia showdown: Tamilisai stands firm, court grants bail to woman student

A court in Tuticorin today granted bail to Lois Sofia, 22, who was arrested on Monday night for raising slogans against BJP inside a flight in which the party’s state president Tamilisai Soundararajan was also travelling.

The court asked the woman student’s parents to advice her not to behave like this in public place.

Meanwhile, justifying her complaint, the BJP leader accused the student of “pre-planned” ruckus. “She screamed at me. I asked if this was the way to behave in an airline, she said she has the right to speech. She kept repeating this. I did not lose my composure,” she said.

“No innocent girl will use the word fascist,” she added. She also claimed she never raised objections on the plane as “others would have behaved badly”.

Lois Sofia, on her way home from Canada, was with her parents who joined her at Chennai for the IndiGo flight to Tuticorin. The incident took place after the flight landed at the Tuticorin airport.

A senior police officer said Sofia was taken into custody after Tamilisai filed a complaint.

Tamilisai said today: “I am very much surprised and saddened that people are supporting the girl, stating that it is her freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to express their views, but there is a time and place for it.

People cannot shout inside an airplane. I was quiet when she raised slogans about the party during the flight journey, but she continued to do the same even after getting off of the plane. Following this I complained about the incident to the Airports Authority of India after which legal action has been initiated.”