Sivaji's grandson confirms relationship with Suja Varunee

Sivaji’s grandson confirms relationship with Suja Varunee

Rumours which suggested relationship between legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan’s grandson Sivaji Dev and actress and Bigg Boss contestant Suja Varunee have come true.

Sivaji Dev, who is an actor and producer, stated: “To all Sujavarunee fans and my media friends, it’s my responsibility to clarify a few things to see that none of your rumours hurt or affect other people’s lives.”

“I have been in relationship with this gem of a person for more than 11 years now,” he said and added: “As my mother passed away 2 years back I changed my screen name from Shivaji Dev to “Shiva Kumar” my birth name with her blessings, and I will continue my journey onscreen with this name!”

“I’m the “Athaan” who she spoke about in ‘Big Boss’ I’m the only partner there is! Soon I will let you all know official news regarding our marriage! Until then we ask u to please maintain respect on this issue.”

Suja has appeared in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam language films. After beginning her career as a leading actress, Suja then worked primarily as a dancer in in films during the 2000s.

In 2008, she opted to prioritise her work as a supporting actress and has since notably portrayed pivotal roles in films including Milaga (2010), Pencil (2016) and Kidaari (2016).