Siren movie review

Siren revolves around a former ambulance driver Jayam Ravi now a convicted criminal, who anxiously anticipates his release from prison to seek revenge for his wife Anupama Parameswaran’s death.

Jayam Ravi is released on parole following a 14-year sentence.

Jayam Ravi, an ambulance driver before being granted parole, struggles to fit back into society.

How do Jayam Ravi’s current actions after being released from prison relate to the reasons behind his lengthy incarceration?

In the meantime, Jayam Ravi’s parole supervisor,  Keerthy Suresh, begins to accuse Jayam Ravi of being involved in the murders of a few powerful individuals.


Directed by Anthony Bhagyaraj story of the movie is told in a nonlinear fashion.

An otherwise simple narrative is elevated by the way the protagonist’s past and current events are presented and intercut.

Jayam Ravi’s character arc, transitioning from an ambulance driver to a vengeful ex-convict, holds promise.  He has done complete justice to his character.

On the other hand Keerthy Suresh has performed well as the strict cop.

Rest of the cast including Anupama, Yogi Babu and Thilagan have all done their part well.

Music by G.V. Prakash Kumar gels well with the theme of the movie.  Camerawork by Selvakumar S.K.  is good.

Rest of the technical aspects are average.

Rating: 3.4/5