Sinam movie review


Arun Vijay is a honest cop who falls in love with Palak Lalwani and marries her without her parents permission.

The couple give birth to you a boy and live happily.

Arun Vijay earns the wrath of several rowdies due to his honesty.

During a particular incident Palak Lalwani informs that she is coming to meet Arun Vijay, but she does not reach him.

Meanwhile, Arun Vijay is assigned to investigate the death of a couple.

On reaching the spot, he is shocked to see that Palak Lalwani dead.

He starts investigating the mystery behind the death of his wife and the unknown man.


Director GNR Kumaravelan takes his own time to get in to the plot of the movie.

He has tried to convey an important social message through the flick, however by the time the movie reaches that point the film falls flat without much twists and turns.

Arun Vijay delivers an one man show and has done a decent job as a cop.

Kaali Venkat and Thamizh have done a decent job. Palak Lalwani makes a sincere effort.

Camerawork by Gopinath is neat and perfect. Shabir’s background work adds more intensity to the film.

The editing could have been a bit crisp.

Rating: 3.2/5