Simbu, supporters protest for Jallikattu

Simbu, supporters protest for Jallikattu

At least 900 jallikattu supporters on Thursday assembled in front of ctor Simbu’s house with “we want Jallikattu” messages on placards.

Fans of Silmabarasan congregated across the state on Thursday evening for 10 minutes in response to an appeal by the star.

In Chennai, hundreds of fans of the actor, better known as Simbu, turned up at his residence raising black flags against the Supreme Court ban on the bull-taming sport.

The actor assured that if he doesn’t get the support for jallikattu, he will leave for the US.

To everyone’s surprise, a large number of people gathered in front of his house to observe the silent protest. The crowd mostly comprised college-goers who were upset with the ban on jallikattu.

Senthil Kumar from Minnesota (United States) tweeted a picture of him standing with his son to support the cause at 4.30am local time, in sync with the demonstrations at 5pm in India. There were similar posts by people of Tamil origin living in Brussels, Belgium.

“Share you selfie protesting for jallikattu. When one can stand in queues to buy movie tickets why can’t they stand for this,” he said.