Simbu gets police protection

Simbu aka STR’s house has got police protection, thanks to his latest demonetization anthem.
Eight police personnel have been posted on duty at the actor’s residence, according to reports.
A police officer from the T Nagar police station said that they have not received any police complaint from the actor nor has he asked for a police protection.
He said that they have stationed a patrol vehicle and a beat officer outside Silambarasan’s residence.
What does Silambarasan’s song say? A part of the refrain drips with sarcasm: “No cash! Let’s celebrate without asking questions….let’s learn to barter…let’s watch the film with our eyes shut.”
Pointing to the Vijay Mallya episode, the song says tax evaders escaped to foreign nations while the middle class suffered.
“Those who earned the money honestly have to see their money become useless, while black money has turned white”, Silambarasan sings.