Simbu creates flutter at CoP’s office for Mansoor’s release

Tense moments prevailed at the city Police Commissioner’s office today after actor Simbu arrived there in connection with the recent arrest of actor Mansoor Ali Khan.
He went to the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office in Egmore, Chennai to request the release of Mansoor Ali Khan.
Speaking to reporters, he said, “Mansoor Ali Khan is fine and they’ve detained him with proper evidence but they’ve assured there will be a decision soon.”
He said further: “One thing I want to make it clear that Mansoor Ali Khan was arrested for questioning something, but he’s not the only one who did that, there were others too, so why aren’t they arrested?”
A team comprising 50 personnel headed by Vepery Inspector Veerakumar tightened the security ahead of the actor’s visit, after he publicised it in the social media.
As expected, fans thronged there and around seven of them were reportedly detained for unlawful assembly.