Silver Lake Partners investment in Jio Platform – key pointers:

1. This is an unprecedented seventh investment in Jio Platforms in just six weeks. 
2. Silver Lake and co-investors to invest additional ₹ 4,546.80 crore in Jio Platforms.  
3. Aggregate investment by Silver Lake is ₹ 10,202.55 crore for 2.08 % equity. 
4. With this investment, Jio Platforms has raised ₹  92,202.15 crore from leading technology investors including Facebook, Silver Lake Partners, Vista Equity Partners, General Atlantic, KKR and Mubadala.
5. Silver Lake is world’s largest tech investor is  investing in Jio and has a terrific track record of investing in some of the largest and successful tech companies globally such as Twitter, Airbnb, Alibaba, Dell Technologies, ANT Financials, Twitter, Alphabet’s Waymo and Verily amongst others. 
6. This investment is another strong endorsement of Jio’s tech capabilities, disruptive business model and secular long-term growth potential
7. This reaffirms Jio’s continuing attraction among global investors for:
i. being the best representative of India’s digital potential 
ii. deep understanding of the Indian markets, 
iii. the rapid digitisation opportunity post-covid and 
iv. capabilities to bring cutting-edge technologies and tools such as AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Big data into play for all Indians
8. A brief background on Silver Lake Partners is as follows:
Silver Lake is the global leader in technology investing, with over $43 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital and a team of approximately 100 investment and operating professionals located around the world. 
Dedicated to the thesis that the dynamism and rapid pace of innovation in global technology demand intensely focused domain expertise, Silver Lake devotes its full scope of talent and intellectual capital to the singular mission of investing in the world’s leading technology, technology-enabled and related growth businesses. Applying the strategic insights of an experienced industry participant, the operating skill of a world-class management team, and sophisticated investing and structuring capabilities, Silver Lake leverages the deep knowledge and expertise of a global team based in Silicon Valley, New York, London and Hong Kong.
Launched in 1999 as a specialist firm focused on technology company investments, Silver Lake has maintained its strategic discipline since its founding and engages in a synergistic and collaborative approach to investing.