Siddharth comes down heavily on Bengaluru molesters

Siddharth comes down heavily on Bengaluru molesters

The much-sensationalised molestation of a north-eastern woman in Bengaluru, which grabbed the attention of the entire nation on Wednesday, has apparently disturbed actor Siddharth.

He said in a series of tweets, “Who is going to protect women in India from us? We are among the worst, most disgusting men on the planet. I am so ashamed. I’m so sorry.”

“A woman should wear what she wants to wear. Anyone who connects that to abuse needs to stop now!”

“Stop lecturing women on their choices. Nothing justifies molestation, abuse and rape. Nothing! No exceptions.”

“Anyone who forgets this needs to be corrected. Speak out. Act. Change. Just because you can see something, doesn’t give you the right to have it. Change your VIEW! Stop trying to change what’s on display.”

The victim, who was from the north east, used to visit the friend’s house often, and over the last one week, she stayed at her friend’s place along with another friend. This is when she caught the eye of the molesters.