Shiva Shankar Baba arrested near Delhi, brought to Chennai

Self-styled godman and founder of Sushil Hari International School, Shiva Shankar ‘Baba’ was nabbed by the cops near Delhi and was brought to Chennai late last night.

Shiva Shankar was accused of sexual misconduct against his school’s students following the students opening up about their harrowing experiences with him. The CB-CID had booked him under three sections.
The cops reached the Dehradun hospital, where Shiva Shankar was admitted, on Wednesday morning only to discover him missing.
Mamallapuram all-women police station registered a case against Siva Sankar Baba on Saturday and the next day the case was transferred to CBCID.
He is facing sexual abuse complaints from a few alumni of the school.
The complainants allege that Shiva Shankar Baba had sexually harassed them and claimed that the incidents happened a few years back when they were studying in the educational institution.