Sharddha Srinath relieves her childhood days

Shraddha Srinath has always maintained that she is a fan of AR Rahman. She recently shared a screenshot of her listening to Bombay theme and revealed how it reminded her of her childhood.

“The one sound that reminds me of my childhood and how I’ve irretrievably lost it. If I ever meet AR Rahman I will break down. If he composes for my film… I don’t know,” she posted.

Sharing a screenshot of her listening to the theme music of Mani Ratnam’s Bombay featuring Arvind Swami, Manisha Koirala, she posted: “I can’t imagine the emotion. Sigh. It will be an extraordinary thing to witness. Good night. Dea.”

Recently, Shraddha Srinath of Vikram Vedha and Nerkonda Paarvai fame had asked an important question on social media about married actresses.

She said, “Does an actress’ demand/desirability really go down after marriage? Not a superstar; a regular, mainstream lead actress. I want to hear it from you guys. Please discuss. (10 marks)…

One of my actress friends who is about to marry soon, was asked if she would continue to act even afterwards by an “industry person” and I was stunned to hear such a question being asked so casually and unabashedly. It outraged me and got me thinking.

I’m here to hear it from the horse’s mouth… it’s been going on for decades but a lot of progressive things have also been happening of late and you think things may be better but it hits you harder when you witness something like this happen before your eyes. You know what I mean…

Doesn’t a married actor also romance women? Why are such questions not posed to them? Just want to get things on record here guys 🙂 thank you for all your responses (sic)’ She received a lot responses supporting actresses acting after marriage.