Shanthanu complains about drunk cop, police jumps into action

Shanthanu complains about drunk cop, police jumps into action

Actor Shanthanu Bhagyaraj took to the social media to air his grievance on an alleged drunk policemen whom he came across.

“TamilNadu Law&Order.. Very disappointed with what happ last night:: Getting back home at 2:20am with my wife and driver driving the car,” he said.

He added “we encountered a really rude policeman who has no rights to just charge up at your car & force open the door when your sitting with your wife & talk to you rudely!”

The actor said further: “I believe he was suspicious on our car as we stopped in the middle of the road at that time of the night for 2min ( we were looking for our phone which slipped out and fell under the seat ) !”

Narrating further, he said, “But he definitely wasn’t in his senses thinking that if there was something really mysterious, why would we stop for the red light at that time in the morning?”

:I don’t know his name but he definitely looked like he was under the “influence of Alcohol” while on duty!” he said, adding: “TN 01 G 5793” was his patrol car number @ Valluvar Kottam Junction at 2:20am 9th October Sunday! As I followed him up after his irrational behavior with us , he was shamelessly collecting Bribe with the tea salesman who do business in a bicycle! Some policemen don’t know how to stop the crimes on the road but know how to “bandhaava” roam around in their cars “Collecting BRIBES”!

“As it is the generation today has no respect on Law & Order , Acts like this just irritate us more,” he concluded.

Soon after the post, it seems the police department jumped into action. For, he posted on Twitter soon: “Police came this morning for Enquiry about the incident ! I’m glad they’ve taken this seriously&goin to do somethin about it”.