Seeman welcomes Vijay to politics

Naam Thamizhar chief Seeman has said Vijay enjoys huge support of the people. He is very popular in Tamilnadu after Rajinikanth. There is no wrong in him aspiring to enter politics.

“When everyone wants to enter politics, why not Vijay? He enjoys people’s support,” the actor-filmmaker turned politician told reporters in Chennai.

He said superstar Rajinikanth after ‘Darbar’ has signed a film with Sun Pictures and at the most will act in four films after which he will pursue politics and after that, his closest competitor Vijay will take over the mantle.

The Naam Thamizhar Katchi chief also reminded the press that in 2006 itself he had said that about Vijay in a television programme. Seeman has further stated that he welcomes Vijay to politics because he considers him as his younger brother and will support him.

Asked about Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami wearing suit in London being trolled by a few on social media, Seeman, said, “It is individual liberty to wear what s/he feels comfortable.”

He added: “It is cold out there and hence EPS is wearing suit. Only those mentally deranged would make fun of it. He is the Chief Minister of the State and we should respect him.”