Secret marriage for Vijay Antonys' heroine

Secret marriage for Vijay Antonys’ heroine

Satna Titus, who played the female lead in Vijay Antony starrer Pichaikkaran, has married producer and distributor Karthik, who is a partner in the company that distributed the film.

“We were seeing each other for some time, and her mother did know of this. But both our families weren’t ready to accept the match, so we decided to register our marriage, for now,” Karthik said.

Satna’s mother told a Tamil publication that Karthik forced her daughter into marrying him.

Denying the allegation, he said: “We registered our marriage with each other’s consent. I didn’t force her into marrying me. We hope to convince our parents and get married with their blessings.”

However, Satna’s mother Maya has given an interview to a leading Tamil daily claiming that the marriage did not take place with her consent and Karthi is spoiling the fledging career of her daughter. She has said that she will approach the Nadigar Sangam to rescue her daughter from the clutches of Karthik.

Karthi has told the press that during the promotions of the film, he and Satna had an opportunity to become friends. As days went by, the two young people fell in love and got married a month ago and have registered their union legally.

“We plan to convince our families and then have a proper wedding ceremony, hopefully by January or February,” he adds.