Second wave of Covid-19 to attack TN?

Tamil Nadu is bracing for a second wave of COVID-19 infections because many more services and establishments have been opened up even though the first wave shows no signs of abating.

Since the pandemic outbreak in March, more than 7,600 deaths have been recorded in the State. The number of new cases remains high, just short of 6,000 a day, which means that the first wave is still strong in the State.

For nine straight days during late August, the state reported over 5,900 cases each day but never touched 6,000 cases. More specifically, while new cases rise across the country, Tamil Nadu has had a remarkably – or suspiciously – stable month. Tamil Nadu reported 5,976 new corona positive cases on Friday. The TN case tally now stands at 451,827 with 7,687 deaths in the state.

The standard deviation is a statistical measure used to understand how much a range of values deviates from the average. A high standard deviation means that a state might show large changes each day, while a low value shows that the number of new cases each day hovers near the same value. Tamil Nadu has had the least deviation in any state for the last month.

Covid-19 cases recorded a marginal drop in Tamil Nadu on Sunday as the state added 5,783 new patients to its Covid tally. The number of people discharged (5,820) on the day was little higher than new cases, leaving 51,458 people under treatment.

In an optimistic sign, Chennai continued to record less than 1,000 cases for the fourth consecutive day with 955 new patients, accounting for 16% of the fresh cases in the state, followed by Coimbatore which reported 538 new cases.