Search on Vendhar Movies’ Madhan in Varanasi

Search on Vendhar Movies’ Madhan in Varanasi

Search on Vendhar Movies’ Madhan in Varanasi

Search on Vendhar Movies' Madhan in Varanasi

Producer T Siva of Amma Creations and others are in Varanasi, searching the whereabouts of S Madhan of Vendhar Movies, who vanished after penning an emotional letter on Sunday.

In an audio statement, Siva, who is a key office-bearer of Tamil Film Producers Council and was associated with Vendhar Movies, said, “the police team at Varanasi is extending excellent cooperation to us. We are searching for Madhan and hoping for some good news soon.”

A letter supposedly written by Madhan has been doing the rounds in the media circles from Sunday afternoon, which states that Madhan was going to Kasi and that he was planning to attain his Samadhi there.

Dropping clear hints that all was not well between him and ‘Vendhar’ (T R Pachamuthu company, the founder of SRM Group which has interests in education, transport and media among other sectors), Madhan had recalled that he had very worked hard for SRM group of education institutions and India Jananayaga Katchi (IJK), a party floated by Pachamathu aka Parivendar.

Madhan has added that those who have given him money for admission at SRM Group of Institutions can get it back from the management.

He also said that family members of Pachamuthu were working against him. Stating that he faced various troubles to make the group number one, Madhan said he was the reason behind getting permission for colleges and filling of seats.

The letter also hints at a misunderstanding between Paarivendhar and him, founder of the newly-formed India Jananayaka Katchi (IJK).

“If a person dies in Kasi, there is no re-birth for him. And I don’t want re-birth. That’s why I have taken this decision,” he said.