School fees: TN govt takes important decision

Tamil Nadu government has said that the schools can collect 75 per cent of the fees in the present situation.

Making the statement in the Madras High Court, the government also said that the schools can allow parents to pay the fees in three installments and should not force anyone who is not able to pay now.

The High Court said that at present 25 per cent can be collected, 25 per cent during the opening of the schools and another 25 per cent three months after the schools reopen.

The State government also said an expert team will decide on the fees amount and recommendations can be made to the committee online from 20 July.

The court asked the government to appoint a committee to take decision on fixing of fees. The government has also said schools have been asked to not take action against students for late payment of fees.

Last week, the Tamil Nadu government informed the Madras High Court that it has allowed self-financing colleges to collect fees for the present academic year in three instalments.

Private schools and colleges in the State had challenged the government order that prohibited them from collecting fees due to the pandemic lockdown.