Save north Chennai, says Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan has joined the state’s fisherfolk in their campaign to save the Ennore Creek, a backwater located in Thiruvallur district.

He has urged the public to take note of encroachments on Kosasthalaiyar river that could end up flooding north Chennai which is home to 10 lakh people.

“This is not a scrutiny about a past incident, but a warning about an approaching danger. I hope the people are paying attention,” Kamal Haasan said.

The actor held the state and central governments responsible for the encroachments.

Haasan said that the Kosasthalaiyar, a river much bigger than the Cooum, has not become a drainage till now and continues to be the livelihood of fishermen. “Already, we, without ecological concerns, have lost 1,090 acres in the estuary to encroachment,” he said.

The Vallur Thermal Plant and the North Chennai Thermal Power Plant continue to dump their ash into the Kosasthalai, he stated.

The government has been indifferent to this though environmental activists have been protesting against these violations for years. Fisherfolk of the area working with other public are seeking to raise their voices but it’s like blowing a horn into a dead man’s ear, he added.