Sathyaraj's daughter ventures into short film on sports

Sathyaraj’s daughter ventures into short film on sports

Nutritionist Divya Sathyaraj, daugther of veteran actor Sathyaraj will be part of a short film to promote awareness on sports and nutrition.

Prominent sports personalities from the cricket and tennis field have agreed to be part of the film, said a press release.

“A lot of people today believe that exercise and dieting are mutually exclusive, some of my patients think if you diet you don’t have to exercise and vice cersa. Exercise is non negotiable,” Divya said.

She added: “Most people I know are bored of gyms and find walking on the treadmill boring and monotonous. The best way to exercise is by playing a sport. The concentration is on the game and not on the calories. Playing a sport is a great stress buster.”

The film will talk about the importance of combining nutrition, life style modification and sports to stay fit.

The film will be produced by a corporate company from Mumbai and directed be ad film maker vineet Rajan from Bangalore; Sasha will be handling the camera.