Sathish Kumar Bhonsle: Young and promising face of TN BJP

Sathish Kumar Bhonsle, an entrepreneur and first generation politician, is making waves as the vice-president of Tamil Nadu BJP’s youth wing.

Actively campaigning for the candidates of the alliance in Thanjavur and other districts, he confidently says the BJP and its partners would sure win the polls and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would retain the power.

“Wherever we go, we can see people’s support towards us. Opposition parties have failed in their attempts to spread false propaganda against the BJP. People are aware of the fact that prices of the essentials have come down after the implementation of GST,” he says.

According to Sathish Kumar, the BJP would implement various welfare schemes for the youth after coming to power. “One such plan is to bring IT and other companies to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Already, a company has come forward to open its branch in Thanjavir,” he says.

“This will prevent youngsters from moving out to metro cities from their native places. They can stay with their parents in their hometowns, carry out agriculture and other family businesses even as working in IT company,” he adds.

Sathish Kumar says he was attracted towards Modi due to the PM’s tireless service to the country. “Under his leadership, India has emerged a global super power. When we carried out air strike against Pakistan terror camps in response to Pulwama attack, all countries supported us. This is because of Modiji,” he adds.