Sasikumar murder: Suspect's sketch released

Sasikumar murder: Suspect’s sketch released

The Crime Branch-CID (special investigation division) police have released a sketch of one of the suspects involved in the murder of Hindu Munnani spokesperson C Sasikumar.

CB-CID (SID) officials said the sketch was prepared on the basis of eyewitness accounts and appealed for the people to provide any information about the individual which would help them crack the case.

In a press release, the CB-CID stated that a portrait of a person of interest has been developed based on the information of eyewitnesses.

It is not clear if the person is a suspect. The police say they want to establish the identity of the person to gather specific information about the case.

Earlier, the CBCID released images of the suspects from CCTV footage.

A statement released by the Crime Branch CID stated, “A careful analysis of CCTV cameras have revealed the presence of certain persons at Prasanna Lakshmi bakery, V.K.K. Menon Road, Gandhipuram on the day of occurrence at about 10.00 to 10.30 pm. The photograph of those persons taken from CCTV camera is being publicized.”

The CCTV footages collected were of recordings from nearby commercial outlets in the area where Sasikumar was hacked to death. Initially, despite enquiring many persons, there was hardly any progress in the probe until the case was transferred to the CB-CID.

Police said C Sasikumar, 36, of Subramaniyampalayam in Coimbatore district, was returning home on a two-wheeler when the gang chased him on motorcycles and attacked him with sickles. He suffered 11 cut injuries and was struggling for life. The gang managed to escape. He was later rushed to a private hospital, where he died.