Sanusha alleges sexual harassment on train

Sanusha alleges sexual harassment on train

Actress Sanusha was allegedly harassed on a moving train from Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday night.

She has stated that none of her co-passengers save for two men, reacted to the incident or supported her.

“I was sleeping. Suddenly I felt something touch my lip. When I woke up I saw this guy lying on the upper berth opposite me trying to feel my lips. I immediately twisted his hand and switched on the light,” she said.

“I tried reaching out to a person in the berth below me for help but he didn’t bother. I was shouting but no one cared to respond. This happened around 1.10 am. Just two people, scriptwriter Unni and another passenger, Renjith, came forward to help,” she said.

There were many people, including women in the compartment, but no one came forward to help. I was screaming…It’s sad how the others behaved, said Sanusha.

The Thrissur railway police have arrested accused Anto Bose under section 354 IPC for outraging the modesty of a woman.

“I want to reveal myself and speak up because I want this to be an encouragement to other women to act when they are in such situations,” she added.