Samuthirakani’s tribute to Ilayaraja

To mark the 73rd birthday of maestro Ilayaraja, actor-director Samuthirakani, who is working with the ‘Isaignani’ in a film titled Appa, has released a video in which he talks about his experiences working with ‘Raja sir’.

In the video, he said that he approached Ilayaraja after finishing the film. He watched the film and accepted to do the musical score. The duo was together for eleven days and during the time, Ilayaraja taught him the background music for the films. He also called Ilayaraja the Father of Music.

Samuthirakani's tribute to Ilayaraja

Samuthirakani’s tribute to Ilayaraja

“Appa is my tenth film. I finished the film and approached Raja sir. After watching the film he accepted to do the musical score. I asked about his salary and he just said that the salary part can be discussed later and insisted on starting work immediately,” Samuthirakani said.

Samuthirakani further said that he learned how the background music for the films should be in a film. In the end of the video, he went ahead and said that he prays to the Almighty to bless him with many more years and called him the