Sameera Reddy, who is pregnant, stuns all with underwater photoshoot

Sameera Reddy is on a mission. She has launched a campaign titled  ‘imperfectlyperfect’ to promote body positivity, self-worth, self-love amongst women who have body-image issues, and who have to deal with societal stereotypes on what makes a woman attractive.

The Varanam Aayiram actress, who is pregnant, has been regularly posting photos showing her baby bump. The latest from her is a underwater photo shoot in bikini.

“Reflecting! I’m proud to say these pictures are #nofilter #notouchup #nophotoshop,” she posted.

“Here I am, with all my back fat and my bump, doing this underwater shoot, and proudly claiming this is who I am. Women should start by loving themselves, and not allow themselves to be taken in by the unreal demands of social media,” she said.

Sameera added: “Earlier, I’d have issues shooting in a bikini because I was extremely self-conscious. But into my ninth month now, it’s unreal how I am feeling so comfortable in my skin, despite having the biggest bump ever. It has been totally liberating.”

She had said recently: “I’ve been getting questions as to how I look glamorous supposedly during my pregnancy. So I decided to speak to all pregnant women, to show this is how I look in the morning. There are eye bags because I’m exhausted from no sleep. This bump is big. I turn left, I turn right, I don’t know what’s happening in my sleep. I think I have insomnia now. I am in my last month,” she said in the video.”

“They ask me how my hair looks gorgeous. Yeah, I got a bit of whites. Colouring during pregnancy is not easy. I’m also asked how my body looks symmetrical and beautiful. It is not symmetrical and beautiful. My arms are chunky, my face is chubby. But I carry it off with confidence because I am enjoying it and I love it,” she added.