Samantha’s manager issues clarification about her health

Rumours were rife that Samantha was hospitalised in Hyderabad. Her manager, Mahendra, issued a statement that she’s suffering from flu.

Samantha’s manager shared a statement regarding her health. Her publicist, Vamsi Shekar, wrote, “Samantha is completely healthy. She developed a slight cough and underwent some tests yesterday at the AIG Hospitals in Hyderabad. She is currently taking rest at her home. Do not believe in rumours. Samantha is completely fine.”

On December 13, Samantha went to Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh for a store launch. After the event, she went to Ameen Peer Dargah in Kadapa to offer her blessings. Before that, Samantha went to Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara temple for darshan.

She recently started shooting for her pan-India film titled Yashoda, directed by Hari and Hareesh.