Samantha lifts 100kg weight

Samantha Akkineni, the fitness freak that she is, has lifted 100kg during a weight lifting session at a gym. She is elated at the feat, while her fans are equally happy.

Talking about her fitness regime, Samantha said, “I do a lot of weights and I burn a lot of energies with those. I definitely have my protein shake which is vegan and I love that and a snack or so, or eggs or peanut butter.

The one thing we all tend to ignore that’s the worst part. Because when you aren’t hydrated, it shows on your skin and lips and your energy levels. Drinking water is the most important thing.”

I still struggle to get to the gym. It’s something that you know, well as an actor, you’re forced to go to the gym, but when you see the results and when you know the high of after it’s done, the adrenaline rush, it makes you happy. You are organized and you have that time and it’s for yourself and it becomes therapy.”

Recently, the poster of Oh Baby, in which Samantha plays an elderly woman, was unveiled. Her husband Naga Chaitanya posted: “Oh baby! @Samanthaprabhu2 can’t wait for everyone to watch you in this .. the character is sooo you .. all the best to the team and congratulations @SureshProdns.”

Samantha tweeted: “Congratulations to @SureshProdns on completing 55 years of an absolutely legendary journey. I’m very happy to be a part of their next. Here’s introducing you all to #Swathi from #OhBaby. @nandureddy4u enjoyment maamul ga undadu. @peoplemediafcy | @gurufilms1.”