Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates 2018

Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates 2019 to 2020

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Opening Dates 2019 to 2020 – Opening and Closing of Sri Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple – Sabarimala Opening Dates 2019 – 2020

MonthPoojaOpening DateClosing Date
JanuaryMakaravilakku Day14/01/2019
FebruaryMonthly Pooja – Kumbham12/02/2019 5pm17/02/2019 10pm
MarchMonthly Pooja – Meenam14/03/2019 5pm16/03/2019 10pm
Sabarimala Utsavam11/03/2019 5pm21/03/2019 10pm
AprilMeda Vishu Festival11/04/2019 5pm19/04/2019 10pm
MayMonthly Pooja – Edavam14/05/2019 5pm19/05/2019 10pm
JuneMonthly Pooja – Midhunam15/06/2019 5pm20/06/2019 10pm
JulyMonthly Pooja – Karkkidakam16/07/2019 5pm21/07/2018
AugustMonthly Pooja – Chingam16/08/2019 5pm21/08/2019 10pm
Onam Pooja09/09/2019 5pm13/09/2019 10pm
Onam Day11/09/2019
SeptemberMonthly Pooja – Kanni16/09/2019 5pm21/09/2019 10pm
OctoberMonthly Pooja – Thulam17/10/2019 5pm22/10/2019 10pm
Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal26/10/2019 5pm27/10/2019 10pm
NovemberMandala Pooja Maholsavam16/11/2019 5pm27/12/2019 10pm
December Madala Pooja27/12/2019
Thirunada opens for Makaravilakku30/12/201920/01/2020
January 2018Makaravilakku Day15/01/2020

Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates 2019 to 2020

Sabarimala is a Hindu pilgrimage centre located at the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta District, Perunad grama panchayat in Kerala. It is one of the largest annual pilgrimages in the world with an estimated 45-50 million devotees visiting every year. Ayyappan’s temple is situated amidst 18 hills. The temple is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 1260 m (4,133 ft) above mean sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. The dense forest, (Periyar Tiger Reserve), around the temple is known as Poongavanam. Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional and intact temples exist at many places in the surrounding areas like Nilakkal, Kalaketty, and Karimala remnants of old temples survive to this day on remaining hills.

The shrine at Sabarimala is an ancient temple of Ayyappan also known as Sasta and Dharmasasta. In the 12th century, Manikandan, a prince of Pandalam dynasty, meditated at Sabarimala temple and became one with the divine. Manikandan was an avatar of Ayyappan.

Sabarimala is linked to pilgrimage predominantly undertaken by Hindus. Sabarimala pilgrims can be identified easily, as they wear black or blue dress. They do not shave until the completion of the pilgrimage, and smear Vibhuti or Sandal paste on their forehead.

In 1991, the Kerala High Court restricted entry of women above the age of 10 and below the age of 50 from offering worship at Sabarimala Shrine as they were of the menstruating age. Presently, the Supreme Court of India has taken a petition to review the judgment of High Court and allow entry of women. As of October 2017, the Supreme Court is referring the constitution bench to make a decision on the pertaining ban.

The temple is open for worship only during the days of Mandalapooja (approximately 15 November to 26 December), Makaravilakku or “Makara Sankranti” (14 January) and Maha Vishuva Sankranti (14 April), and the first five days of each Malayalam month.