S P Charan talks about SPB’s hospital bills, VP’s ‘intervention’ and Ajith not paying tributes

Upset over messages being circulated on social media regarding his dad’s hospital bills, SP Balasubrahmanyam’s son SP Charan has called the messages a hogwash.

“There are rumours about the bill amount that was charged and that we had paid something and that there was a balance and that I had asked the state government and that they had not reciprocated and that I gone to the Vice President and that he had reciprocated instantly and also that unless we had paid the balance the hospital were not releasing my dad for the last rituals. Let me say something, this is all a big hogwash,” he said.

In a press meet on Monday, held jointly with doctors at MGM Healthcare who treated the singer, Charan said that after his father’s death, he had asked the hospital about the balance that needed to be settled but hospital authorities refused to accept any pending payment.

“We had been settling the bill amount in weekly installments and one portion was covered by the insurance,” Charan said.

“After my father’s death, we had asked about pending payments and had gone with the money but the hospital staff said the management had asked them to refuse the money from us,” he added.

Asked about Ajith not attending funeral and not paying tributes to SPB, Charan said, “Why should I respond to such comments? Ajith is a friend of mine. He was friendly with my dad, too.”

“If Ajith is grieving, he must be grieving at home. How does it matter if he comes in person or not? How does it matter if has spoken to me or not?

Why do you even want to turn his absence at dad’s funeral an issue? This is not even an issue at the moment. I lost my dad. The world lost SPB. We all need some time to grieve and get back on our feet. Please allow us to do that,” he said.