RUM gets UA, gets ready for Feb 10 release

RUM gets UA, gets ready for Feb 10 release

RUM, a horror movie which has Hrishikesh of VIP fame in the lead role, has cleared censors with UA certificate and has confirmed February 10 release.

The duration of the film is 131 minutes and the makers believe that it will be a crisp thriller with an underlying emotional quotient.

RUM is written and directed by Sai Bharath. Featuring Hrishikesh, Narain, Sanchita Shetty and Miya George in the lead roles, the film’s score and soundtrack is composed by Anirudh Ravichander.

The film began production during early 2016. The film began pre-production works during October 2015, with composer Anirudh Ravichander revealing that he would work on a film titled Rum directed by Sai Bharath and starring his cousin, Hrishikesh, in the lead role.

The project was announced to be funded by All in Pictures, while the director stated that it would be a horror film.

In February 2016, the film’s first look poster was unveiled, with actresses Sanchita Shetty and Mia George revealed as the film’s lead actresses. Narain, Vivek and Amzath Khan were announced to be playing supporting roles in the film.