Robbery attempt at bank in Chennai

Robbery attempt at bank in Chennai

Unidentified men have attempted to steal money from State Bank of Mysore’s branch at Whites Road in Chennai.

According to sources, they had dug up a hole in the bank’s wall and tried to break the lockers. Since they could not succeed in their attempt, they ran away from the place. The incident came to light this morning.

Today’s incident comes just a couple of days after the Chennai City Police arrested five men including four bank employees after it was found that Rs 25 lakh in demonetised currency was smuggled out to be converted into new notes — but landed in the hands of thieves.

Assistant Regional Manager of the State Bank of Mysore, Manjunath, filed a complaint on Saturday stating that currency, totalling Rs. 25 lakh comprising Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, was missing from the vault of the bank’s branch in Shastri Nagar, Adyar.

On Friday night, a city police patrol team found lights  on at the Sastri Nagar branch of State Bank of Mysore after 11 pm. This raised their suspicion.

During questioning, J Elangovan, the bank cashier,   claimed that `25 lakh in demonetised `1000 notes were robbed at knife-point just hours earlier. He claimed he was travelling in a car when a four-member gang waylaid him near Zamin Pallavaram and took away the cash. The money, he claimed, was being taken to a private bank at Nanganallur to be exchanged for new currencies.