Richmond Tamil Sangam and Rotary club of chennai Thiruvanmiyur donates Oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Tamil nadu

Richmond Tamil Sangam, Virginia USA seeing and hearing all the news about Covid 2nd wave hitting Tamil Nadu badly, partnered  with the Rotary Club of Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur to help procure emergency medical equipment and supplies like Oxygen concentrators, PPE, N95 masks,  Oxygen flow meters and other equipment to be provided to the hospitals in Chennai and other areas of Tamil Nadu.  The Indian diaspora especially the Tamil diaspora in Virginia contributed generously and joined hands with both Rotary Club of Chennai Thiruvanmiyur and Ekam Foundation to be show the world that  “Together, we can make a difference”.  

As Phase I of the operations, they have donated 10 numbers of 9L Oxygen Concentrators to the following Hospitals

  1. General Hospital, Chidambaram
  2. General Hospital, Thiruvanamalai
  3. General Hospital, Ponneri
  4. Athma Hospital & Research Center, Trichy
  5. Urban Community Health Center, Vadapalani
  6. VHS, Taramani
  7. Hindu Mission Hospital, Nanganallur

These have been put to use as of today as soon as they were received and here is what Dr Ashok Baskar, CMO, GH, Chidambaram had to say

“This we used for the patient who was just removed from continuous oxygen support. This Concentrator will be useful for Intermittent oxygen beneficiary. Definitely it will decrease our oxygen demands”

In Phase II, we will be donating Oxygen Flow meters, N95 Masks, PPE kits and other such equipment to the hospitals