RGV says he has shocking details about Sasikala

RGV says he has shocking details about Sasikala

Known for stirring controversies, director Ram Gopal Varma is at it again. He has now said he has shocking details about AIADMK general secretary V K Sasikala.

Truth behind Jayalalitha and Sasikala relationship,what Poes garden servants told me is unimaginably shocking and I wil show it in my film, he posted on Twitter.

He added: “Poes garden’s gardener told me majority MLAs supporting Palanisamy becos they all are handpicked by Sasikala from members of manargudi mafia.”

RGV stated further: “Sasikala saying “am not petty thief” shud b lesson to all petty thieves..instead of stealing few hundred rs they should steal 60 cr rupees.”

He added: “Pick pockets and petty thieves should learn from great Sasikala and try to rob atleast 60cr rupees instead of stealing some hundred rupees.”

“What is bigger crime ? pick pocket stealing 600 rs for livelihood or peoples trusted person stealing 60 crores for enjoying ? Just asking !” he said.

“Between histrionics of O P Selvam and E Palanisamy they making sure Jayalalitha won’t RIP..Hope for their sake she won’t rise from grave,” according to RGV.

He concluded by saying: “After all the unimaginable turns and twists in TN Horror politics the best climax would be Jayalalitha’s ghost rising from grave.”