Revealed: Ajith & Shalini’s code word for romance

The love story of Ajith and Shalini is something like a fantasy, but not many know that how Ajith used to talk to Shalini while she was away working in films in Mollywood.

While there are many cute incidents in their love story, now an interesting code word used by the couple during their secret love has been revealed.

Malayalam actor Kunchacko Boban has revealed that Ajith used to talk to Shalini when she was acting in Malayalam movies, and he used to call to Kunchacko’s mobile to avoid suspicion.

When Shalini and Kunchacko were shooting for the movie Niram Shalini had kept her relationship with Ajith a secret and Kunchako knew their love. Ajith didn’t visited the sets or talk directly to Shalini at the shooting spot to avoid getting noticed by Shalini’s parents.

Boban has revealed that Ajith used to call to his mobile to avoid suspicion while talking to her. Ajith avoided directly calling the shooting spot to talk to Shalini directly to the shooting set as he didn’t want the conversation to get noticed by her parents.

At a time, when mobile phones were not very popular, Kunchacko used to carry his Ericson mobile to the shooting set and Ajith and Shalini used the same to interact with each other. Ajith used to call and talk to Shalini over Kunchacko’s phone during shoot breaks.

To avoid getting noticed by Shalini’s parents, whenever Ajith’s call came, Kunchacko used to say that Sona, AK-47 Calling. Sona was the character name of Shalini in the movie and this code word helped Shalini to move away from the shooting spot and talk to Ajith.

Kunchako Boban is a popular star in Mollywood, and some of the hit movies in his career have been with actress Shalini. During the shoots of one of their blockbuster movie Niram, the actor has noticed Shalini sneaking off to speak to someone on the phone during breaks.

Finding out it was Ajith, he helped Shalini speak to Ajith. Ajith would call in his mobile during the break time, and Boban would say, “Sona, AK-47 calling.” (Ebi and Sona were the character names of the actors in the movie and they used to call each other the same on sets.)