Revathy slams popular actor

Actress Revathy has slammed Mollywood actor and scenarist Sreenivasan for his comments about Malayalam actor Dileep and also about the purpose of WCC.

In a tweet, Revathy said, “Sad that celebrities whom we respect for their work speak this way. Don’t Celebrities need to be more responsible when they speak? Don’t they need to think about how such statement reflect on the next generation?”

Writer N S Madhavan posted: “On this day when a habitually regressive person, Sreenivasan, cracked a horrible sexist joke on the entire movie world’s worst #MeToo incident – rape by contract…”

In a television interview, Sreenivasan said, “Dileep’s name cropped up a only week after the incident came to light. It is a cooked-up story. We can understand from various things that he was framed in the incident.”

He added: “It was said that Dileep gave Rs 1.5 crore to Pulsar Suni. The Dileep that I know would not spend 1.5 paise for something like this.”

“I have not been able to understand what the aims and the needs of the WCC are,” he said and added how can there be equality when the men’s and women’s world records for the 100 m race are different.