RB Choudhary’s clarification on issue with Vishal

Following the complaint lodged by actor Vishal against producer Choudhary, the latter has now issued an clarification.

RB Choudhary agreed that Vishal had submitted him all the documents while taking the loan.

Tiruppur Subramanian and RB Choudhary jointly gave the loan amount to Vishal.

Ayudha Pujai director Sivakumar has mediated the deal and he managed the documents.

Sivakumar passed away recently due to a heart attack and RB Choudhary told the portal that they could not find the documents after the demise of Sivakumar.

“Though we have given a written document saying that all the pending amount has been cleared, Vishal is afraid,” said RB Choudhary, adding, “I am currently out of the station and I will solve the issue once I am back in Chennai.”