Rashmika’s lovely lines about her father

Rashmika Mandanna, one of the top heroines of Tollywood and Sandalwood, is all set to maker her debut in Kollywood with Karthi starrer Sultan.

The actress, who is a regular on social media, has come up with a beautiful post on her father. She said, “Dads…. ah, what can I tell .. well my dad… he always told me that he had a dream about me as a baby with long hair, big eyes, long nose, and dancing on his tummy with anklets two days before I was born.

Ahhh. When I was a baby he’d always be away with business and then came a time where I was in hostel most of my life after that came UG and PG where I was away studying.. and I got into films… now I am his business partner.. but through it all, he has been a pillar. We don’t share too much we share just enough to know that we love each other and he knows I will always be his pillar and he will be mine.

Why I am saying this, is because I know a lot of you there feel that there is some distance with the fathers and us. But the thing is, if you could see what is there in their minds .. you’ll always be the biggest pillar in you papa bears’ lives. They are away working their heads off For us.”

“They are mostly strict about some of our choices -Because they want the best for us. They don’t show out their emotions very often –  Cz somehow the society has always told men that only the weak show their emotions out.

Can they love their children equally as the mums? YES! It took me years to understand my father’s way of showing emotions. If you ask me who I love more? Mum or dad? What do you think my answer is?” she concluded.

Rashmika recently said she is currently in a happy space. “Since I was 18 my life has always been like a marathon and just when I thought I reached the finishing point they race would begin again. I’m not complaining about this what I always wanted,” she wrote

She said further: “To be frank I have not stayed home for this long time in my life…From school to higher education I was always in a hostel. I often thought that my parents were too strict but that was just the teenage me who was a rebel.”