Ramkumar back in jail, as police custody ends

Ramkumar back in jail, as police custody ends

P Ramkumar, the accused in the murder of Infosys engineer S Swathi, was sent to the Puzhal prison on Friday evening after three days of police custody.

Meanwhile, police sources said he had confessed to proposing to Swathi, but she had rebuffed him. He is reported to have told the police that after celebrating his birthday in his hometown on June 20, Ramkumar stole the billhook from his uncle and came to Chennai, where he hacked her.

“Ramkumar would be waiting for Swathi to pass his mansion. He would be there waiting to have a glimpse of her every day. He had also taken her pictures on his mobile from a distance.

During last year’s stint in the city, Ramkumar was also engaged in looking out for opportunities in Kollywood and he had kept his love for Swathi to himself. He came back with the sole agenda this time of befriending Swathi, in which he failed miserably,” an official privy to the investigation was quoted as saying.

Earlier on Friday, the Principal Sessions Court in the city rejected the bail plea of Ramkumar. When the petition filed by advocate Mahendran came for hearing, the public prosecutor M L Jegan argued that Ramkumar should not be granted bail, as the application was filed without the consent of the accused and was done for the sake of publicity.

After hearing the arguments, Judge G Jeyachandran rejected the plea stating that bail could not be granted to a person who is under custody, and also since there was none to argue the accused’s case.