Ram Setu movie review


Akshay Kumar is a renowned Archaeologist who gets promoted as Joint Director of the Archaeology department due to his remarkable work.

Nasser decides to construct a project named Sethusamudram, destroying Ram Setu, but for that to happen, Nasser should obtain a scientific clearance proving Ram Setu is a natural formation.

Hence Akshay is given the task of ascertaining whether Ram Setu is formed naturally or is man-made.

The rest of the film is about the journey of Akshay in this process.


Director Abhishek Sharma has picked an exciting point but is not able to deliver to its full potential.

A fast-paced screenplay with a few more exciting scenes would have made much more difference.

The research work is appreciable, but the narrative is not upto the mark.

Akshay Kumar does well as the Archaeologist and carries the film throughout.

His character requires him to play a professional who is hell-bent on his mission, and Akshay lives in the role.

He is ably supported by Jacqueline Fernandez.

Nasser does a commendable job.  Music by Daniel B George is above average.  The cinematography by Aseem Mishra is fine.

Rating: 3.5/5