Rakul Preet’s answer to ‘who is her favourite, Thala or Thalapathy?’

There is no major differences in the various filmdoms of India except for the language, said Rakul Preet Singh.

She was fielding questions from the students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) during the inauguration of the 13th edition of four day student cultural fest Milan at its premises today.

The movie star was the cynosure of all eyes during the event. Thunderous applauds filled the auditorium, even as she replied further ‘the language does not matter, all that matters is whether we are doing a good film and whether we are working with good people or not.’

As another student posed a question ‘what is the secret of your beauty? Rakul preet hurried to say ‘the love I get from all is the secret behind my beauty.’

The actress treaded down the memory lane as another student asked about her entry into the silverscreen. ‘I got my first film just like that, salary was Rs 2000 per month then. I thought to do many things with the money I earn from films. As I kept on working I loved the movie making process and came back after finishing my studies.

Hinting the same to the students the actress said ‘pursue your passions in life, but ensure you complete your studies, they are highly important.

Soon after Rakulpreet motivated the students to go ahead and ask some fun questions ‘a student said ‘love you’ and ‘love you too’ was the enthusiastic reply from the actress. As another question ‘whom do you appreciate more, Thala or Thalapathy? She replied ‘I like both’ adding that ‘I have said the same thing in many other interviews earlier.

Ravi Pachamoothoo, pro-chancellor (Administration), SRMIST said student life usually revolves around academics, however equal focus on culturals and extra curricular activities is also a must during for all-round development of students, SRMIST encourages other activities like culturals, sports also realising their importance, he said.

SRMIST vice chancellor Sandeep Sancheti said Milan is an ideal platform to meet and greet. What is important is the friendships, bonds that you students will foster during events like these. Trophies you win will cheer you, bonds you cultivate will make you happy.

Director Student Affairs at SRMIST Dr. T. Mythili said Milan is a ground for bringing out the hidden talents in the students and also a venue for student organisers to hone their leadership skills, communication abilties.