Rakul Preet Singh talks about dating actors

Rakul Preet Singh has said she is open to date actors. She has revealed this in a talk show. When asked whether she date an actor, she said: “Ya! I mean it’s not the profession, it’s about the person that you are and if that actor is the same, why not?”

On rumours about dating Rana Daggubati, Rakul said, “Oh My God! We’re neighbours, not literally but 2 minutes away and we are a closest group of friends with Lakshmi Manchu who is also my best friend and Rana is also one of my closest friends like that you know?”

The actress, who is popular in Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood, added: “He’s been a friend since I started my film journey. When I became friends with him, he was in a relationship so we became friends first and then you are the gang!”

To a question on if she has “bro-zoned” the film industry, Rakul said, “No! No, please don’t say this! I haven’t. I just become the friend, which is not a good thing. I’m a f*ttu! I can’t tell when someone is flirting, I can’t flirt to save my life! My closest friends flirt for me on the phone! Firstly I rarely know how to flirt, then I’ll get stuck somewhere.”

She added: “I have had no affairs because I think I’ve been too busy working. I’m single.” Asked about the qualities she looks for in a man, she said, “Frivolous nai chahiye, thoda sa dimag hona chahiye, and somebody who has drive in life. I’m somebody who cannot just do relationships for the heck of it.

There has to be a meaning to it. Two people have to be compatible. I think somewhere, love has lost its meaning in today’s time. I keep joking that I should have been born during the 70s!”