Rakul Preet bought liquor during lockdown?

Rakul Preet Singh has come out with her reponse to a video circulating on social media, alleging that the actress was out buying liquor during lockdown.

Earlier, one of the posts on social media read: “What was @Rakulpreet buying during the #lockdown? She was buying alchohol?” There are many other tweets too.

Reacting to them, she wrote, “Oh wow! I wasn’t aware that medical stores were selling alcohol.” So, according to the actress, she went to a pharmacy to buy some medicines.

Ever since the lockdown came into force, Rakul Preet Singh has been keeping herself occupied with fitness sessions, especially Yoga.

The actress, while uploading a picture of her doing aerial yoga, posted, “When the world wasn’t upside down, but I was! My yoga journey began in 2018 and since then it’s pure joy to do my practice everyday.”

The Dev and NGK actress added: “Life is all about balance. You don’t always need to be getting things done. Sometimes it’s absolutely ok to shut down, kick back and do nothing. @anshukayoga this was the first time I did an inversion.”

Rakul Preet said in an earlier video, “Life is a BALANCE of holding on and letting go  first headstand without support!!”

Rakul said in her another video, “I have a special request to the people of Andhra Pradesh especially to those living in the Guntur region. I heard that the coronavirus has taken a huge toll as the number of positive cases have shot up.”

“I request everyone to stay home and stay safe. Social distancing is the only way to stop the virus from spreading. Please wash your hands and avoid getting food from outside. Daily wage workers are struggling terribly please lend them a hand if you can. We are all together in this battle,” she added.