Rajini’s smart comments, Udhayanidhi’s angry tweet, Superstar fans’ expose

Speaking at Thuglak’s 50th anniversary function in Chennai on Tuesday evening, superstar Rajinikanth said, “If someone is seen carrying Murasoli, you can tell that they belong to DMK. If someone is seen carrying Thuglak, you can tell that he’s intelligent”.

This led to a memes tsunami on social media, with many mocking the DMK saying its members are fools. In the midnight, the party’s youth wing leader came out with an angry tweet, hitting out at Rajinikanth.

While he said Rajini was at the mercy of leaders like Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa for the past 25 years, Rajini fans posted pictures and news items of DMK seeking Rajini’s support whenever there is an election.

In his address, Rajinikanth also said, “News that is true is like milk and when they mix lies in it like water, people may not know the difference between truth and the lies. Milk and water have to be separated.”

He added: “In today’s time, it is very important for us to have a journalist like that of Cho Ramasamy. Times are bad, things are in a bad state today in society and in politics. Media is what can save us today. News houses have a big responsibility. Some news channels are affiliated to certain parties, and so they write about them even if they do good or bad. But the media houses that call themselves neutral, they have to give the people the truth.”

Rajini  said that the country needs a journalist like the late Cho S Ramaswamy, who helmed the publication for decades. “The times, politics and society are going bad. In such a scenario, the media had a huge responsibility towards the people,” he said.

Rajinikanth is expected to make a foray into politics ahead of State Assembly elections scheduled to be held next year. Noted for his sarcasm, Cho Ramaswamy was a multi-faceted personality and he died in 2016 at 82.

The event was also attended by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.“ Cho was a virulent critic of Indira Gandhi. When Emergency was promulgated, he brought out a dark cover to register his protest. She was another one who made Cho popular all over the country,” the actor further said.