Rajini's shocking words on Rajiv convicts demonetisation

Rajini’s shocking words on Rajiv convicts, demonetisation

Lending credence to the Opposition’s claim that the BJP is dangerous, superstar Rajinikanth on Monday said, “If parties here believe BJP is dangerous, then it must be.”

Changing his stand on demonetisation, he said the policy should have been implemented after carrying out a ‘detailed research’.
Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Rajinikanth said, “The implementation went wrong, it (demonetisation) should have been carried out after a detailed research.”

In 2016, soon after the policy was announced, Rajinikanth had tweeted, “Hats off @narendramodi ji. New india is born #JaiHind.”

“If all the opposition parties think the BJP is dangerous and that’s why they are all coming together to form an anti-BJP alliance, then that party should be so,” he said.

This could be the first time when Rajinikanth’s remarks may not be palatable to the saffron camp. In the past, he has been very vocal about his support to Prime Minister Modi as well as the BJP, inviting criticism that he remains its ‘B Team’ or even its “puppet”.

The superstar, who has a huge following in Tamil Nadu and beyond, also gave a cryptic response when reporters asked him about opposition efforts to unite against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“Does this show that the BJP is posing grave threat?” he was asked. “If everybody thinks that way, definitely it could be,” he shot back.