Rajini’s political plans: All eyes on Dec 31

Adding more speculation about his entry into politics, superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday said he will announce his political stance on December 31.

Addressing his fans in Chennai, the 67-year-old actor made it clear he was not saying he would enter politics but would only announce his stand on December 31.

The actor said he was not new to politics, however, it required time to “study and strategise”. “We will see when the war comes and war is nothing but an election.”

“One has to win a war. Bravery is not enough to win the war. Strategy is needed,” Rajinikanth said.

The actor, who has been giving out hints about his political entry for several months now, said that he is hesitant about taking the plunge because he has already had some experience with politics in the past.

“I am not new to politics. I know what are the losses one incurs in politics, that is why I am reluctant,” he said.

Rajinikanth in a meeting with fans in May made some cryptic statements on his political plans. “I have my own duties and responsibilities and the same with you. So, go back home and do your work. But when the war comes, let us encounter it. God is there!” he said.