Rajini's effigies burnt in Karnataka for Cauvery remarks

Rajini’s effigies burnt in Karnataka for Cauvery remarks

Protesting Rajinikanth’s tweet expressing displeasure over the Supreme Court reducing Tamilnadu’s share in Cauvery, effigies of the superstar were burnt in Karnataka today.

Rajini, who hails from Karnataka, on Friday night urged the Tamilnadu government to appeal against the order

He said the Cauvery verdict is disappointing and it would further affect the livelihood of Tamil Nadu farmers. In a tweet, he urges Tamil Nadu to go for a review petition.

“Since the final verdict by the Supreme Court on the Cauvery water sharing amounts to further affecting the livelihood of the farmers in Tamil Nadu, it is very disappointing,” tweeted Rajinikanth.

Kamal Haasan on Friday expressed shock at the Supreme Court’s verdict on Cauvery River water dispute that reduced Tamil Nadu’s share in the disputed waters.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “I am also shocked at the reduction in the supply of water. I have to get more details about the actual judgement but I think the Supreme Court firmly said that water cannot be owned by any state. That’s a consoling factor.”