Rajini's 2.0 gets big, bigger, biggest

Rajini’s 2.0 gets big, bigger, biggest

While it was announced a couple of days ago that the audio of Superstar Rajinikanth’s 2.0 will be released in Dubai on October 27, more interesting details are popping up about the event.

According to sources, Oscar-Grammy winner A R Rahman will present a live concert at the evening, which see performance by the cast of the movie. “Rajini too may perform on stage,” sources said.

On Thursday, Raju Mahalingam, creative head of Lyca Productions, took to Twitter to confirm the audio, teaser and trailer dates of the film.

“Festivities to Begin” Come Oct -Audio Release in Dubai!!! Nov-Teaser in Hyderabad and Dec-Trailer in Namma Singara Chennai!!! 2.0 Loading!!” he posted.

Mahalingam also said several promotional events have been scheduled at various places in Dubai City for over a week, which will culminate in the grand audio launch celebration near the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai.

“We are expecting close to 35,000 people to turn up for the event. We are planning to set up large LED screens for people who cannot get into the venue so that they can enjoy the grand gala,” he added.