Rajinikanth once again praises Modi & Amit Shah

Superstar Rajinikanth on Wednesday reiterared his stand lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah as Lord Krishna and Arjuna on the Kashmir issue.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai, he said, “The way they handled the Kashmir issue, they handled it in a diplomatic fashion.

He added that he likened them to Krishna and Arjun at a function in Chennai on Sunday to indicate that one came up with the plan and another executed it.

Stating that Kashmir is a big issue and related to the nation’s security, Rajini said the region has become a den for terrorists and extremists.

“It is like a gateway of India for them to intrude into the country,” he said and added: “Under such circumstances, in a diplomatic fashion, the Centre first imposed prohibitory orders, and then kept key leaders like under house arrest.”

Since Kashmir issue concerns the security of the nation, it should not be politicised. Our respected politicians should know what to politicise and what not to politicise. They should refrain from politicising the Kashmir issue, he added.

Earlier, the Congress had questioned how the two compare to Krishna and Arjuna.

“How can those who snatched away the rights of crores of people be Krishna and Arjuna? Dear Mr Rajinikanth, please read Mahabharat again, please go through it again properly,” Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President K S Alagiri had said.