Rajini-Rahman's Delhi plans

Rajini-Rahman’s Delhi plans

Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman will be joined by Superstar Rajinikanth when his multi-city tour rolls through Delhi.

According to reports, the two will come together for the final leg of the Encore – The Concert on December 23 at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex.

At the A R Rahman Encore Concert in Mumbai on Sunday, some members of the crowd were in for a rude shock. The concert happened at Brabourne Stadium.

Certain seat numbers just could not be found and the ushers at the venue were left searching for the missing seats.

Meanwhile, Rahman said he would have hung up his boots as a composer if there was no market demand.

When asked if film music is a limited career option, Rahman told PTI in an interview, “It is not limited, they are limiting it. You have to find unconventional ways to express, to evolve.

“I would have stopped doing music if CDs would have stopped selling. But things are different. Music is the same, but the way we express, the way people hear, it is different.”