Rajini predicts a political tsunami in Tamil Nadu

Superstar Rajinikanth plans to bring in a welcome change in Tamil Nadu politics and the ideas he proposed last week look encouraging and inspiring.

And on Tuesday evening, he said there will be a ‘tsunami’ of support in his favour closer to next Assembly elections. Speaking at Rangaraj Pandey’s Chanakya fnction, he said emergence of AIADMK founder M G Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa was due to a wave among the people.

He said that MGR’s emergence as a leader was due to sympathy he gained after being expelled from the DMK and Jayalalithaa gained from Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

“I too threw a drop into the ocean and it is slowly gaining momentum,” he said and added: “As elections come closer, there will be a wave…a tsunami.  My fans and myself would work on it. And it is also in the hands of the people.”

Last week, Rajinikanth declared that 50 per cent of the party candidates would be people below the age of 50 with sound educational qualifications and the remaining seats would be allocated to professionals and retired bureaucrats.

He said, “We need a good leader. A good leader is someone who creates leaders. It is selflessness that drives me. I want a movement and a wave to come up. I believe there will be a wave to fill the leadership wave created by the death of Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi.”

He added: “In my party, I will give opportunities to people who are educated and below the age of 50, as also retired bureaucrats and reputed names from other parties who want to join me.”

Saying that two power centres will not create confusion in the party, he added that he has never imagined himself to be a contender for the Chief Minister post since he started observing Tamil Nadu politics from 1996.