Rajini, Kamal, Parthiepan pay tributes to Balachander

It was K Balachander’s 90t birth anniversary and celebrities took to their social media page to pay tribute to the legendary director.

Superstar Rajinikanth said, “Today with God’s grace, I’ve very good fame and money in the industry but K Balachander sir is the main reason behind this status.

He rechristened me as Rajinikanth, identified my plus points, and ignored my negatives. He introduced me as a star in the industry. Even without Balachander, I would’ve become an actor in Kannada but not a star with the fame and money I’m enjoying now.

In my life, my dad, mom, elder brother and KB sir are the four Gods. He also made many stars and directors in the industry. As a producer and director, he gave livelihoods to several people.”

“I’ve worked with many legendary directors in my career but no one has the majestic aura like K Balachander sir. When he enters into the sets, everyone including the lightman would stand and greet him such is his majestic nature. He has fulfilled his duties as a son, dad, and director. Wish he lived with us for so many years,” he added.

Kamal Haasan said, “Mr.K.Balachander. A mere name with fame that I heard as a teenager. Who would have thought he would take many roles in the life of an actor like me. Benefactor, mentor, collaborator, father & now when I think of his child like energy, I feel the pride of a father.”

In one of the functions, I wanted to publish a poem honoring the contribution of K Balachander to the industry. The crux of the poem is no one has contributed to the film industry like K Balachander but my mentor politely asked me to not publish such things. Today, he is no more and now I’m reiterating the poem once again, he added.

“Balachander has made many stars including me in the industry. He helped many people to become acclaimed directors, music composers, and cinematographers. Today, parents are paying in lakhs and crores for their kids in medical and engineering colleges whereas K Balachander helped us to earn in crores but never asked his share,” he said further.

Kamal also said, “In my career, I only listened to K Balachander sir, and rarely spoke in length with him. My part in the entire conversation can be written in three pages. Only because I listened to his words, I’ve become what I’m now.”

R Parthiepan said, “”Agara Mudhala Ezhuthellam Aadhi Bhagavan Muthatre Ulagu”, I have seen this line the most under Tiruvalluvar and in the beginning of K Balachander’s films. It was due to him that I started making films with a unique perspective. Even today, when someone tells me that my film has a KB touch, it feels like I have won four to five Oscars. When the whole world was praising my film, Oththa Seruppu, I wished that he had praised him.”

He added: “When you fall in love, people say, ‘I need to forget you to remember you. Today is his birthday and we will continue to celebrate him and his piece of work for generations to come.”